2. Add Headers, Questions, and Grids

Once you have created your form, you will need to add headers, questions, and grids to which your users will respond.

Section Headers are typically used to separate blocks of questions related to the same topic. The Question and Grid options provide you with the same question types to choose from, which may differ depending on the type of form you are using. The Grid options are typically used if a number of questions in a row use the same response choices.

Step 1: Add Section Header

Step 1: Add Section Header

1. Click on the Add Section Header button.

2. Enter a Name for the Section Header.

3. Select whether or not this Section Header will be Included in New Surveys.

4. Click Done.

Step 2: Add Questions and/or Grids

I'm Not Sure Which Question/Grid to Choose...

If you'd like to learn more about the different question and grid types, click HERE.

Step 2: Add Question

5. Click the Add Question button and select the question type from the drop down menu.

The Date Field, Supervisor Sign Off, and Numeric options are only available for Journal Templates.


  • If you plan to use form responses to filter assessment instrument or outcome set data in Results Live, it is strongly recommended that you use either the Single or Multiple Choice question type. This will ensure that your report results are accurate and include all  associated responses.
  • If you wish to use the Supervisor Sign Off question type, you will first need to ensure that you have created an appropriate Department Contact List and added the appropriate assessors and/or guest assessors to the department contact list. For more information about adding guest users to a contact list, please visit the 'Create Department Contact List' and 'Add Contact or Guest' help pages.


This step will vary slightly depending on which question type you selected. The question type selected for this help page is 'Multiple Choice'. Regardless of the question or grid that you selected, simply respond to each field with the appropriate response.

6. Enter the Question and Abbreviation. The Question will be viewed by anyone who completes the form, and the Abbreviation is used for reporting.

7. Enter Help Text. The text that you enter here will assist the user in understanding and completing the question.

8. Enter the Response and its Value.

9. Select whether or not you would like to Provide a Text Field for 'Other'.

10. If you have deleted a Response Option, but would like to bring it back, select to Show Deleted Options.

11. Use the Add Response Question (singular) 
or Bulk Response Options Builder (multiple) to add Response Options.

12. Select if the question is Required and/or if you would like it Included in New Surveys.

13. Once you are satisfied with your question, click Done.